WEC Campaigns

Respect Our Right to Know
New Jersey Work Environment Council and our allies strongly urge Governor Christie to take action to protect our lives, jobs, health, schools, and businesses. Governor Christie should direct his administration to release information from the railroads on crude oil shipments instead of keeping the public in the dark. In addition, the public needs to have access to Emergency Response Plans for municipalities and counties. Learn more!

Healthy Schools Now!
Every school day in New Jersey, children, teachers and school staff face conditions that can cause illness or injury and that make it harder to teach and to learn. Put New Jerseyans to work modernizing healthy public schools. Get involved!

WEC Program Areas

Chemical Safety and Security
WEC's Chemical Safety and Security program works with labor unions, environmental and community organizations, and public officials to ensure that facilities are safe and secure.

Workplace Safety and Health
WEC's Workplace Safety and Health program includes provisions of strategic assistance, workshops, speakers, and publications about job hazards and how to prevent them.

Healthy School Environments
WEC's Healthy Schools program helps teachers and other school staff prevent workplace and environmental school hazards.

Right to Know and Act to Prevent Toxic Exposure in the Workplace and Community
WEC's Right to Know and Act program educates the public on federal and state chemical "right to know" laws.

Green Jobs
WEC's green jobs program calls for the creation of good paying "green jobs" through retrofitting buildings, expanding mass transit and freight rail, constructing smart energy grids, and expanding production of wind power, solar power, and advanced biofuels.

Environmental Justice
WEC's Environmental Justice (EJ) Program seeks to prevent and eliminate unfair pollution burdens on people of color and low-income communities.

Archived Campaigns

Save Our Safeguards
For decades New Jersey enacted landmark environmental and worker protection laws that led other states and the federal government to follow suit. New Jersey's environmental and workplace safety and health safeguards are under attack.